Focused Consulting Services for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and NoSQL Databases

As your business evolves, the technology and databases that drive your operations must keep pace. Nanosoft Consulting open source database consulting services are designed to help you move forward, whether that’s migrating to a new platform, optimizing health and security, or recovering from an expected emergency.

Database Expertise and Strategic Guidance to Take You to the Next Leve

Your database is a virtual extension of your business. Every part of your operations relies on efficient data storage and delivery. To stay competitive, match demand, and avoid security threats, you must be diligent about keeping your databases secure, properly maintained, and running at optimum performance.

You need a partner that can help plan and implement database strategies that keep you moving forward with confidence. Let Nanosoft Consulting show you how your MySQL, NoSQL, and PostgreSQL databases can become more secure, powerful, and reliable assets. For well over a decade, we have assisted with high-value projects like migrations, updates, risk assessments, and emergency services. Reach out and speak to us about your priorities.

Nanosoft Consulting on Consulting Services

Who you work with matters. We have assembled an extensive, knowledgeable, and award-winning global service team of database engineers and specialists to help you complete the key projects that advance your database capabilities and business impact.

Partner withNanosoft Consulting:

Growth Strategy

You’re updating your database or migrating to a new one

Data Demands

You have unique data and database requirements

Emergency Issue

You need help to recover after an unforeseen incident

Security Concerns

It’s past time for a vulnerability or risk assessment

What Are Our Consulting Services – and How Do They Benefit Your Business?
Consulting is a broad area of service. Our focus has always been enterprise technology strategy and deployment, and so we define consulting services as high-value technical database projects with a well-defined scope.
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When Your Open Source Database Is Ready to Level Up

When the scope of your technical or application needs moves beyond our standard Spectrum Managed Services offering, it’s time to engage Nanosoft Consulting technical database consulting services. Our consulting services cover a wide range of commercial and open source databases, including Oracle Database, SAP HANA, SAP Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM Db2, SQL Server, and NoSQL databases.

We regularly complete projects as challenging as product migrations and as thorough as 360 health checks and vulnerability assessments. Our database team designs and aligns our services to your strategic business goals, framing projects that meet your budget and deliver successful, quantifiable outcomes.

Is your database down or compromised? A non-functioning database can cause your business to come to a screeching halt. Nanosoft Consulting is your rapid response team in these situations – assessing the situation quickly and setting about the task of getting your Oracle Database back up and running.

Reach out and speak to us about your projects to learn how we can help.

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What Our Consulting Covers

We support MySQL, PostgreSQL, and NoSQL databases. Our services include:


We ensure your data infrastructure is built on a foundation that meets the unique demands of your organization.


Nanosoft Consulting will efficiently import your data into a new system, then run testing to ensure optimal stability and performance.


Whether you require short-term tuning assistance or a longer-term performance optimization, Nanosoft Consulting has you covered.


It’s tragic when databases fail or break down. We act quickly to perform database repair and get you back to business.


To keep your databases running at optimal levels, it is important to conduct regular tests and evaluations.


Get peace of mind with a professional security evaluation of your database by Nanosoft Consulting

Benefit from Years of Successful Database Migrations and Deployments

Moving your data to or from an open source database can get very complicated, very quickly. Often, differences in functionality, architecture, workload management, or other factors can make database migration an epic task – especially when moving from an older database to a state-of-the-art system. Our team of database technology experts has performed countless migration and deployment projects, and we can help make yours a streamlined, seamless process.
You Deserve a Better Customer Experience.
We Deliver it.

Whether you need database managed services or high-value consulting, we combine quality expertise with personalized service.

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