Alleviate the Stress of Open Source Database Management

Don’t let the ongoing management of your open source databases overwhelm your team and sidetrack your other IT priorities. Reach peak efficiency and peace of mind with Nanosoft Consulting technical management and monitoring of your enterprise databases.

Expert-Delivered Managed Services for Top Open Source Databases

We assist with a variety of well-defined, value-add projects, including product migrations, new module implementations, 360 health assessments, and emergency services.
MySQL Databases

MySQL Databases

PostgreSQL Databases

PostgreSQL Databases

NoSQL Databases

NoSQL Databases

What Are Managed Services – and How Do They Benefit Your Business?
“Managed services” means outsourcing technical and application functions and processes to third-party company, a Managed Service Provider (MSP).
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Serving the full spectrum of database services.

For open source databases, Nanosoftconsulting Support offers SpectrumDB technical managed services. With Spectrum Managed Services, your IT team can offload many of its manual and time-consuming operational tasks to a trusted managed services partner (MSP).

Unlike conventional software support, which is triggered by an incident or service ticket, managed services are ongoing, proactively-planned activities. Managed services includes updating, monitoring, and tuning, which are all performed regularly by an external team of ITIL Level 2 and Level 3 engineers.

Nanosoft Consulting assists organizations like yours by augmenting staff, filling capability gaps, monitoring performance, and improving overall operability. The upside: operational efficiency, reduced downtime, and happier users – all without having to hire and retain additional staff.

Enterprises of all sizes and from all industries commonly contract with MSPs as an affordable way to quickly gain reliable access to technology expertise and 24/7 assistance.

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Your number one task is to have your databases operating at peak performance. But with time and budget constraints, you’re also forced to prioritize competing initiatives such as interoperability, scalability, upgrades, readiness, and security.

SpectrumDB managed services resolve the struggle between what you need to do and what you can afford to do by providing the full range of assistance, from 24/7 monitoring to full system management. We help by:

Optimizing processes and increasing your operational efficiency

Monitoring and proactively resolving developing issues

Freeing up your IT staff to perform other valuable tasks

Providing you with a reliable fee structure and justifiable ROI

Why Choose Nanosoft Consulting

Comprehensive Services

ITIL-centric services, customized for your applications and operations

Delivered As Needed

Responsive managed services provided 24/7/365

Global Engineering Team

Level 2 and 3, with average 20+ years’ experience

Escalation, When Required

Ability to bring in expert Level 4 staff for more complex issues

'Lifetime' Assistance

Extending your database performance for as long as you need

Single-Vendor Solution

Consolidate your services and consulting with one trusted partner

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