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What are SAP Managed Services? These services involve contracting a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to oversee certain technical and application functions and processes. Unlike third-party software support, these are ongoing activities implemented to enhance your workflow, business processes, and data security.

Proven Managed Services for Your SAP Systems

SAP peak performance is finally within your reach. With internal SAP teams being squeezed to do more with less and resource retention and acquisition increasingly competitive, turn to Nanosoft Consulting seasoned experts, experienced Level 2 and Level 3 engineers, to supplement your existing team or assume total responsibility for your SAP solutions. Our reliable, responsive, and resolution-driven SAP team can help your internal team turn their focus to new and strategic initiatives while we manage the existing system.

It’s time to elevate your SAP ecosystem’s efficiency and productivity. With Nanosoft Consulting SAP Managed Services team, you are backed by a global team ensuring all time zones are covered. This team’s knowledge extends to over 125 SAP products and technologies, the entire technology stack, cloud platforms, and the various sources of reporting data.

SAP Basis

SAP Basis

Basis is strategic, not to be treated as just a toolset that any service provider can optimize. We monitor your complete SAP landscape through a state-of-the-art solution with advanced functionality. Our system is easy to set up and configure and can be deployed in hours, even for large or complex SAP ecosystems.


Our BI packages are each designed around an SAP product – BW, BW/4HANA, BOBJ, and BPC – and can be contracted as standalone or in combination. Each package is a collection of product-specific services that we customize based on an assessment of your current state and anticipated needs.
SAP Sybase

SAP Sybase

Advancing your Sybase ecosystem with an effective Sybase team. Activities can include: configuring the software, performing routine maintenance, retaining the right resources, developing custom scripts to build new Sybase instances, performing upgrades or applying patches, and developing custom SQL scripts to proactively monitor the health of the internal database Sybase environment.
What are managed services – and how do they benefit your organization?
“Managed services” involve contracting a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to oversee certain technical and application functions and processes. Unlike third-party software support that addresses specific issues as they arise, managed services are typically ongoing activities with a more proactive, strategic approach.
Managed services help to augment your staff, fill gaps in your IT team’s capabilities, and improve your overall operability, often with less expense. Managed services are typically ongoing, proactively planned activities performed by a dedicated team of Level 2 and Level 3 engineers.

Why Choose Nanosoft Consulting for SAP Managed Services?

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SAP Managed Services from Nanosoft Consulting improve your operability for a reasonable cost.

Hiring for new or replacement skills is costly and slow. Nanosoft Consulting helps you instantly expand your existing staff, fill gaps in your team’s capabilities, and develop a smart plan for a stronger IT infrastructure.

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Our remotely-delivered SAP managed services are performed by experienced Level 2 and 3 engineers. Need to tackle a more complex issue? We can escalate to Level 4 engineer support whenever you need it.

Technical Managed Services (TMS)

Development Managed Services

Application Managed Services (AMS)


Day-to-day management of basic IT operations and functions

Cloud-based infrastructure or software management

System health checks

Interoperability and integrations

Staff augmentation

And more

As an SAP customer, you know how much your organization depends on SAP software solutions. The ongoing health of this software is primarily in the hands of your team. Given the deep, broad, and endless outpouring of new functionality — coupled with your organization’s ever-changing landscape — it is critical to find the right SAP service partner to help address your immediate and long-term needs.

Nanosoft Consulting is there when you need us and standing by even when you don’t think you do. Our international operations centers support 14 languages for customers in 100+ countries around the globe. ITIL-centric services are customized for the applications and system you run, ensuring you have a tailored experience.


General system health, performance, reporting, and processes to increase your operational efficiency.


Proactively track around-the-clock performance in order to identify and resolve developing issues with a cost-effective and easy to install tool.

Free Up Your IT Staff

Turn your limited internal staff to strategic projects that grow the business. Leave the day-to-day and most challenging tasks to us, which can be handled any time of day by our global team.

Justify ROI

A reliable and reasonable fee structure with the ability to expand the relationship with a single vendor for consulting projects or third-party support.


On-Demand Video: The State of SAP in 2021 – and What It Means for You

長期的なERP戦略をご検討中の全組織に対して、当社は、SAP Global Support Servicesの副社長であるShawn du Plessis氏が案内役を務める当社の新作ビデオ『SAPの計画はどうあるべきか?』をご覧いただくことをお勧めします。このウェビナーでは、SAPの製品ロードマップの現在の状況、SAPの顧客にとってのリスクと見返り、貴社のオプションに対処するための推奨事項について説明しています。

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